Child of God-The Play


Child of God-The Play


“A Child Of God” Is A Story About A Group Of Diligent Social Workers
Working For The Administration Of Child Protection Services. They Each
Personally Dive Into A Reality Of Abuse That’s Much Deeper Than What’s
Faced In Their Line Of Work Forcing Them To Heal, Love, Forgive And
Accept Their Calling As Children Of God.

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“A Child of God” is a story about a group of diligent social workers working for the Administration of Child Protection Services. Despite the workers dedication to provide security for every endangered child they encounter; they each personally dive into a reality of abuse that’s much deeper than what’s faced in their line of work.
Vivian Morrison, struggling with trust issues for her husband that fathered a child outside of their marriage, physically and verbally abuses him as a way to recover from the pain and embarrassment placed upon her. Pearla Martinez, suffers from so much low self esteem and insecurities that she puts up with the verbal and physical abuse imposed upon her from her boyfriend. Abdul Hamed, though a very loving and caring husband towards his wife from the outside looking in, he sexually abuses her in noncompliant ways.
Each one of these social workers faces the irony of doing everything they can to protect a child from abuse, yet dwell in circumstances where different forms of abuse are accepted and ok. They soon understand that just as violence and maltreatment against children is unacceptable and never tolerated; the same goes for adults, who in the end are considered children of God.


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